Kartik 2020 WhatsApp Parikrama and Maha Sanga

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Online Kartik 2020 WhatsApp Parikrama and Maha Sanga - Sat 31st Oct to Mon 30th Nov 2020 - Full month of Kartik with HG Sutapa Das and HG Radhika Ranjan Das


School of Bhakti invites you on a virtual 30-day walkthrough of mystical village of Vrindavana - the playground of God where every step is a dance, and every word a song!

Daily morning videos:  HG Sutapa das and HG Radhika Ranjan das will visit the sacred sites, sharing daily meditations and stories to inspire our hearts. 

Every evening:  We will have a special Damodarastakam video for you all to sing along to and offer your candles at home. 

Every Saturday Evenings: We will have unique gatherings with special guests. 

Join the first-ever WhatsApp parikrama and bring Vrindavana into your heart during the holiest of all months. 

Book your free Parikrama trip at www.bit.ly/Kartik20 and you will receive the link to join the WhatsApp group where only the Admin will be able to post messages....exciting!

Best wishes 
School of Bhakti


31 October 2020, 0:00   through   1 December 2020, 0:00
School of Bhakti - Online
United Kingdom
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