Online Course: Sacred Ecology

Online Course: Sacred Ecology

Course Description

Whenever visitors come to Bhaktivedanta Manor, one of the main attractions for them is the Goshala, or cow sanctuary.  Seeing, feeding and showering affection on the cows brings them a lot of joy. However, cows are not just a tourist attraction – they play a vital role in the Bhaktivedanta Manor community, and also in human society in general.


According to Vedic civilisation, the cow is a sacred mother figure, and protecting cows from exploitation is thus one of the primary duties of society.  With the current rise of veganism and increased awareness of the mistreatment of animals, cow protection has never been more relevant.


By taking this course with the School of Bhakti, you will develop a much better

understanding of cow protection within the context of Srila Prabhupada's teachings.


Students will explore a variety of topics in the 5 sessions, including:

  • Why is the cow seen as a mother?
  • Why is so much importance placed on this animal? Why is she seen as sacred?
  • Bulls are also highly respected and honoured. What is their purpose and role in all of this?
  • What does Ahimsa really mean?
  • How does ecology and climate change relate to cow protection?
  • What is Dharma, and how does it link to cow protection?
  • Why do the spiritualists advocate "simple living, high thinking”?
  • Why is milk so important? What are the current ethical issues surrounding commercial milk?
  • What qualities can we learn from the characteristics and behaviour of cows?

Price: Donation-based (proceeds will go towards hay bales to feed the cows at the Bhaktivedanta Manor Farm)


About the Teacher

Sanj, our young ecology enthusiast with a passion for cows, the environment and education, has loved people, animals and nature since he was a child. As he grew up, he turned his eagerness to understand our world into a career, studying a Science degree and qualifying to become a secondary school Biology teacher. He’s been teaching ever since!


Being dissatisfied with modern science’s lack of divine guidance regarding how our planet functions, Sanj found inspiration in the spiritual books written by Srila Prabhupada, particularly The Science of Self-Realization. This inspiration led him to investigate the importance of cows in a healthy, functioning society, and he started to work closely alongside the cow care team at Bhaktivedanta Manor.


Since then, Sanj has been focused on raising awareness of the spiritual significance of cows and ecology through classes, seminars, and online outreach. His passion and enthusiasm for sharing Vedic knowledge on cows and environmental relationships is founded on the notion that our individual daily actions influence the world in a collective way. He believes that we should use God’s energy in a responsible, respectful, and caring manner.


Sanj is always very keen to share whatever he learns, and he believes that by seeing through the lens of Vedic knowledge, every one of us can benefit from a better understanding of our world.

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