You vs The Mind

You vs The Mind

You vs The Mind - BOOK NOW!

Date: Sunday 25th July, 2021 ~ Sunday 22nd, August 2021 (no class on 8th August 2021)

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm

Location: Online and Nitai room above the Gosholla,  Bhaktivedanta Manor, Dharam Marg, Hilfiend Lane, Waford, WD25 8HE.

What is the course about?

It is explained in the ancient texts that "The mind is like a monkey that is drunk, bitten by a scorpion and haunted by a ghost".  A mind that is a friend can be our biggest ally in our pursuit for happiness and success, but a mind that is an enemy can weak havoc. This course will help you understand the mind and train it to make it your friend. The course provides you with a 'mind model' that will help you answer these questions:

  1. How do I become the person I want to be 
  2. How to be more confident in myself and my decisions 
  3. How do I be more organised and successful in what I do 
  4. How do I stop worrying 
  5. How can I be an effective leader 
  6. How can I be happy and healthy 
  7. How can I stop emotions that prevent me from reaching my full potential? 
  8. How can I control my anger? 
  9. How can I stop feeling judged all the time? 
  10. How can I make my relationships work? 

The course is based on knowledge assimilated from the Yoga Sutras and other Vedic texts that will teach you how you can master the mind rather than be enslaved by it. 

Who's teaching it?

An enterprising young man of many talents, Radha Govinda (the teacher) spent over 12 years at Bhaktivedanta Manor as a monk studying, teaching and training in yoga studies and ancient eastern wisdom from the Vedas. He holds a Master's degree in 'Mechatronics' and worked as a Control Systems Engineer prior to becoming a full time monk. He is also a qualified yoga teacher, web designer and an accomplished musician skilled in many instruments. He loves singing, writing blogs, making friends and sharing the wisdom of bhakti with the world. But arguably his most famous talent is his quick wit and great sense of humour. His passion is to help people living a modern lifestyle explore solutions for happiness and a better quality of life by accessing the knowledge of the ancient wisdom texts of the East. He currently lives close to the Manor in Bushey with his wife who is also a yoga teacher and psychotherapist. 

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