Journaling Secrets - Improve Your Study of Wisdom Texts

Journaling Secrets - Improve Your Study of Wisdom Texts

Journaling Secrets – Improve Your Study of Wisdom Texts 

Date:  Saturdays 26 Mar and 2 April  

Time: 10:00 AM  - 12:00PM GMT

Location: Online Zoom

Course Description

While studying wisdom texts, do you sometimes feel distracted, bored or lost? We all can increase our engagement, interest and insight by one simple yet powerful method: journaling about the points that speak to us during our reading. 

What will you get from this course?:  

  • Discern what to journal about and how much to journal about it 
  • Ensure that you journal effectively so as to add value to your scriptural study, not subtract time from your scriptural study 
  • Learn customized prompts to journal for the particular purposes that are important for you 

If you ever wondered why so many people turn to journal writing as a means to connect deeply and enrich their understanding of what the philosophy is revealing to them, then this is the course for you.  It will not only inspire but also practically help you uncover greater insights when reading and support your spiritual growth.  


Teacher Profile

Chaitanya Charan is a monk, teacher and world-renown spiritual author.Seeing the prevailing problems of stress, depression, addiction and overall misdirection in society, he felt inspired to dedicate his life to the purpose of sharing spiritual wisdom. He travels all over the world from Australia to America, making presentations in a multitude of forums.He has addressed audiences in universities such as Princeton, Harvard, Stanford and Cambridge and companies such as Intel, Google, Amazon and Microsoft.   


Chaitanya Charan is also a prolific writer, having authored 25 books and written over 5000 articles. His literary contributions have been published and recognised in many Indian national newspapers including Indian Express, Economic Times and Times of India.   


If all this is not enough, He is the author of twenty-five books some of which are:   

  • Energy - Your Sutra for Positive Thinking 
  • Science and Spirituality  
  • The Spiritual Scientist series, volumes 1 and 2   
  • 10 Leadership Sutras from the Bhagavad Gita   
  • Inner Change

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