Online Course: Discovering your resilience

Online Course: Discovering your resilience

Description of course

Resilience. A quality that signifies strong roots and good grounding. It’s what spiritual practice is all about. To be unaffected by pain and pleasure, success or failure, happiness, and distress. It is one of the essential features of the Bhagavad Gita’s teachings.

People, health, the political situation, the weather; all can potentially disturb, even destroy. And yet the challenge for most seekers is not knowing what to do as much as knowing how to apply what to do. The Krishna conscious tradition is not just meant to change one’s understanding but to transform one’s attitudes, emotions, and to fundamentally alter one’s narrative on life.

Resilience is ultimately a state of consciousness. This course will look at what the Krishna conscious tradition has to say about developing this incredible ability to stay true to oneself and one’s values in every situation, no matter how difficult. And how to use this ability to transcend the dualities of life and better deal with life’s challenges. A perennial spiritual theme.

This course will provide:

· An ability to handle every situation in the most spiritually beneficial manner. A way to remain equipoised and unaffected by the turmoil that surrounds us.

· New strategies and tools to successfully apply spiritual knowledge to every aspect of our life.

· An understanding on how to give up the need to try changing what we can’t or shouldn’t change? And start working on changing what we can – ourselves.

· Using the valuable quality of resilience to help advance one’s quest for self-realisation and experience a deeper relationship with the Supreme Divine, Krishna


Description of teacher

Mahatma Das was born in Los Angeles, California in 1950. In 1969, at the age of 19, he first met Srila Daspada through The Bhagavad Gita As It Is, and then later that year met Srila Daspada personally in Los Angeles. In January of 1970 he moved into the temple in Berkeley, California and shortly after received first and second initiation.
He went on to do a variety of services including book distribution, sankirtan leader, temple president, college preaching, congregational development, and various educational projects. This has culminated in the work he does today developing workshops, social media, online courses and books both for devotees as well as the general public through his company Sattva []. He practically shows the many ways that Krishna consciousness offers solutions to today’s challenges and writes and teaches in a way that resonates with devotees and people in general by helping them see life as a spiritual practice
Mahatma Das is well known in ISKCON for his recorded and live music, most notably his recording of Brahma Samhita, but also for his workshops on such essential topics as Japa, Forgiveness, Humility, Vows and Marriage.

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